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Cleaning guide

Winter service in Zurich

Wintertime in Zurich means snow, ice and slippery roads. So that city dwellers can be safe on the road, here are a few tips.

Removal cleaning for everyone

When an apartment is given up or has to be vacated, a period of life always ends.

Product test

NW Clean and ES Hauswartung test new products

Window cleaning

Weekly and monthly window cleaning of empty and furnished offices, window cleaning of shop windows and exterior glass cleaning is performed by companies in the city of Zurich in the best way with competent professionals.

Cleaning future

In the first episode, Nico Weber visits Daniel Flühler of Flühler Reinigungsproduktion AG.

Graffiti removal

Illegal graffiti art causes considerable damage in Zurich every year.

Toilet paper origami

We from NW Clean GmbH sometimes surprise our clientele with original toilet paper origami. Here you can see one of our creations.

Our cleaning products

These cleaning agents are used in our company.

Company specialized in cleaning from Zurich

The company NW Clean specializes in cleaning offices and medical practices.

How much does a cleaning cost? Simple question, right?

There is not always a simple answer to simple questions. I often make this experience often when new customers ask me how expensive a cleaning is.

NW Clean at Radio Energy Zurich

Nico Weber was on air with Radio Energy as a cleaning expert.

Stain removal carpet

In this video NW Clean GmbH shows you an ingenious tip to remove stains on a carpet.

Office cleaning more important than ever!

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, a lot has changed worldwide; it is a state of emergency that we have not yet experienced. Whether in the office or in the private sphere, hygiene is now more important than ever. For many employees, working life has been massively restricted, but even in Zurich there are those who have not been ordered into the home office, but have to cope with the daily office routine day after day. All the more important is a comprehensive cleaning of the by an expert is all the more important.

Use disinfectant correctly

If you want to clean your office or practice in Zurich germ-free, you should rely on a specialist company. Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, disinfectants are being used everywhere which is generally correct. However, this can cause various types of damage to carpets, parquets and other materials (Plexiglas etc.). We take over the professional and damage-free cleaning of your rooms in Zurich and the surrounding area!

Optimal surface disinfection (coronavirus)

In just a few short weeks, the emergence of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the way we live and work. As the virus continues to spreading rapidly, public life is increasingly closed. The health department is recommending a ban on gatherings of more than 50 people for the next several weeks and further restrictions on public life.

Why a cleaning company is sometimes indispensable

Sooner or later, every company has to deal with cleanliness in its office or practice rooms. If the number of employees is manageable and the room size is also the size of the room is also not large, it may still be possible to carry out the cleaning work carry out on your own.

Organic fragrances to make yourself

Fine fragrances at home or in the office provide a refreshing smell and thus drive away all unpleasant odors immediately.

Ceiling cleaning - why it is inevitable for a clean overall impression is inevitable

A nicely furnished and, above all, clean office is the business card of any well and that is also the reason why cleaning companies are encouraged to clean the walls and floors regularly. to clean the walls and floors regularly.

General information about office cleaning by a cleaning company

A clean office is an essential component to a healthy and more productive work environment. Since most employees work about 40 hours a week in the office, it is necessary to keep this place clean. Most offices rely on their employees to keep the office space clean and tidy. However, hiring a professional commercial cleaning company makes a big difference and saves your business a lot of time and money. Below are the various benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company and describe them in more detail.

The keyboard in the office: how to clean it properly

There's nothing better than having your office thoroughly cleaned. This allows you to work in peace and quiet, and it is also advantageous for the organization at work to have a tidy office to show for it. However, one thing in the office is often overlooked during cleaning: the computer keyboard. This article will therefore deal in detail with the cleaning of the keyboard.

Tips for removing stains from carpets

Carpets belong in every living room and should not be missing in any case. They are not only a real eye-catcher, but also provide comfort. But over time, dirt and dust accumulate on the surface. Especially with carpets it is not easy to remove the dirt.

Care natural stone coverings

The natural style of living is in. Of course, this also applies to cleaning. When cleaning natural stone coverings, value should always be placed on well-tolerated cleaning agents. Corrosive substances are not recommended. Stubborn stains on natural stone flooring are best removed with a special basic cleaner for natural stone.

Tips for cleaning parquet

Parquet flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings in Switzerland. The reasons for this are not only the noble appearance, but also the relatively easy maintenance and robustness. Parquet as a floor covering is relatively expensive, therefore one should pay attention to a few essential points to consider.

Tips for ecological cleaning at home

At the moment, sustainable food, products and machines are all the rage. Below you will find a few tips to make ecological cleaning products at home. The environment will thank you.

Practice hygiene through cleaning

Practice hygiene through practice cleaning is more important today than ever before. Terrifying reports about hospital germs and infections caused by resistant germs in practices are circulating through the media.

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