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How much does a cleaning cost? Simple question, right?

There is not always a simple answer to simple questions. This is something I often experience when new customers ask me how expensive a cleaning is. It would be practical if I could answer this simple question just as simply. simple answer. Unfortunately, this is not possible. I can, however, give you a guide price. And a warning along with it: Always be suspicious if someone offers you a charmingly low, market-unusual hourly rate and at the same time quote too many hours to be spent. With a higher hourly rates are often compensated with a higher expenditure of time, therefore they are a good indication for (lacking) competence and qualification. The customer may well expect a maximum working time per job. maximum working time per job. Wet cleaning of 100 square meters of floor, for example, will take with professional staff and the right cleaning agents does not take three hours. The expensive part is rarely the hourly rate, but the time factor.

Time is always money. It all starts with the time that the customer himself spends on organizing his his outsourced cleaning. Let's assume that the interested party does not find the time to make an on-site visit. visit to the site, important information necessary for a more binding offer will be based on the offer is based only on the questioning on the phone or by e-mail. One offers here thus rather on good luck, because the local situation is often different than indicated. Consequently, the Consequently, the submitted offer has to be adjusted afterwards - and that is unpleasant for both parties. Furthermore, it is assumed that there is a lack of knowledge as to whether, for example, windows can be easily opened and reached for cleaning. windows can be easily opened and reached for cleaning, which costs CHF 7 per square meter, or whether hinges have to be hinges have to be unscrewed first, this circumstance also has an effect on the final price of CHF 11 per square meter. in the final price. By the way: The example with the windows is not just a random idea. One of my many orders actually involves old lock windows that first have to be detached from their frames so that a ser frames, so that a serious cleaning maintenance can be carried out and guaranteed at all. can be guaranteed. And this had to be found out first!

Generally, a distinction is made between basic cleaning, such as spring cleaning, and maintenance cleaning, where, for example, cleaning, washing, tidying and disposal are carried out weekly. is disposed of. It also depends on whether the rooms, furnishings or objects can be easily cleaned can be easily cleaned, as in open-plan offices with a clean-desk policy, or whether an individual, gentle is required, as is often the case in small businesses. Here, the hourly rate varies between CHF 36 and CHF 48 per hour. per hour. It also plays a role whether there are sensitive materials that need to be handled and cared for with a certain amount of to be handled and cared for with a certain degree of caution. This is particularly important in the case of medical medical practices or historical facilities, but special customer requests and specifications can also may also be involved.

Direction works are to be mentioned in particular. These are those that are commissioned at short notice or unscheduled and and amount to CHF 56 per hour. In addition, should it be necessary or desired foreman to be called in as an expert for special matters or for final acceptance on site, CHF on site, CHF 64 per hour will be charged.

Unfortunately, the cleaning industry is known for paying unattractive wages. When I founded NW Clean in 2011 in 2011, it was clear to me from the outset that fair wages in all respects were crucial. are crucial. Because what we all know best: Well-paid employees are under less financial pressure are under less financial pressure, are therefore more motivated and reliable, and work better. This also means that they do their work in a reasonable amount of time. In the end, the customer pays less. As mentioned in the first As mentioned in the first section, it is not much use if the cleaning staff costs you only CHF 20 per hour, but they need four hours for the job, while the better-paid company charges CHF 25 per hour, but only pays for per hour, but only needs two or three hours. And finally, well-paid employees not only benefit the customer, but also the cleaning company itself. Because they fewer complaints, and there is hardly any need for reworking or renegotiation. As manager is therefore well advised to take this into account. In the end, it is always the is always the value of the quality.

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