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Office cleaning services and practice cleaning in Zurich

Housekeeping in Zurich

In recent years we have specialized in the maintenance of residential and especially commercial properties.

Why with NW Clean

NW Clean offers a combination of cleaning and maintenance of building services tailored to your property.

We are characterized by quick response because the internal communication works. The concerns of our customers are taken seriously.

Since we have been based in 8001 Zurich for 12 years, we know every corner of the city center and are quickly on the job at any location. Depending on the circle and the order, we can even work without a car most of the time. Thus, the response times are faster and we can make a small ecological contribution.

Our dedicated, friendly and very dynamic team is at your service with a lot of joy and passion.

It is very important to us that the portfolios of the individual janitors are not too large, so that the janitor also has time to take care of the orders.

Offer for house maintenance in Zurich

The price of an offer depends on many factors. Therefore, it is not possible for us to make an offer without a prior inspection.

We would be happy to visit your property, record your wishes and draw up a specification tailored to the object. Based on these specifications, we will prepare an offer.

Among other things, we offer the following service:

In the property

  • Cleaning of entrance areas and staircases
  • Cleaning lamps, handrails, mailboxes, etc.
  • Care of the vacancies
  • Guarantee access for tenants, inspections or third parties
  • Provision of cardboard and garbage cans
  • Execution of minor repairs and overhauls
  • Ordering and attaching nameplates after change of tenants
  • Organization and communication with third parties, administrations
  • Door inspections and checks of the locking systems

Around the property

  • Wiping forecourts and paths
  • Clearance, disposal and maintenance of the environment
  • Wet cleaning
  • Snow removal and salting of parking lots and paths

Personal advice

You are looking for Home Maintenance in Zurich. Do not hesitate to call us or leave a message. I will be happy to advise you personally.


Nico Weber
Managing Director

Contact details

Phone: 043 244 94 94
E-Mail: [email protected]


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Office cleaning and practice cleaning with NW Clean GmbH in Zurich

If you want a high standard of cleaning, you have come to the right place.

Office cleaning

Your needs are our top priority. We put everything to implement them.

Commercial cleaning

The first impression of your clientele is important. With our cleaning we make sure, that they can always feel comfortable with you.

Practice cleaning

In the case of medical practices, we also attach particular importance to hygiene.


The all-round service for your properties.