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Everything we do reflects our motto "clean - discreet - safe".

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Company philosophy

Everything we do reflects our motto "clean - discreet - safe". NW Clean's reputation is built on our belief that only uncompromisingly high quality demonstrates the true value we place on our work. At NW Clean, we clean thoroughly out of conviction. We like the idea of being inconspicuous and working unobtrusively in the background, knowing that the service to our customers is very much visible and noticeable.

We ensure this by selecting our employees on the basis of clearly defined criteria. Of particular importance is their attitude to the job. On the other hand, they receive regular internal training, not only on the subject of cleaning, but also on secrecy, safety and company philosophy. Furthermore, we accompany our employees in a goal-oriented manner, whereby it is very important to us that they always feel valued and comfortable. Quality controls are firmly built into our processes and take place at irregular intervals. In general, both internal and external training and further education are a matter of course for us. We are up to date.

We know that people love habits, need reliability and expect the highest discretion. Therefore, it is of great concern to us that our customers can count on their personal cleaning specialists, who not only know their needs and wishes very well, but also fulfill them with confidence. With our motivated 40-strong cleaning team, we can also ensure at all times, thanks to NW Clean's good corporate, communication and information culture, that work is carried out to the customer's complete satisfaction even if "their" cleaner is unavailable. You can rely on us.

We are convinced that in this way we will maintain the excellent standard of NW Clean.

About Nico Weber

The career path was clear to me early on. That's why, after completing compulsory schooling in Zurich, I trained as an operations specialist at Waidspital Zurich. In order to gain further experience, I moved to the most modern school building in Switzerland after my training, where I worked for another two years as an assistant and deputy to the head of housekeeping and technology. There, among other things, I was able to gain valuable experience in managing cleaning staff and in planning and organization. The goal was now within reach. In 2011, I finally founded the company NW Clean.

About Daniel Johner

I am the oldest member of the office team and completed my commercial apprenticeship in Zurich in 1987. in Zurich. After that, I specialized in the IT industry and worked for over for more than 20 years as a programmer, analyst and project manager in different companies. As a sports enthusiast I changed to a sporting goods salesman in 2008. There I was responsible for the back office as well as the sales via the online store. After a try into the self-employment, the request of my young cousin Nico Weber came at the end of 2020. "He would like to with NW Clean and if I could support him, especially in administrative matters," were his goals. administrative matters" were his targeted words. Now I am since January 2021 and it is a lot of fun to work with this motivated cleaning team and my as well as my "Bürogspänli" to work together.

About Kevin Villoz

My name is Kevin Villoz. I am 34 years old and live in Zurich. After my successfully completed my apprenticeship as a car mechanic, I was able to gain experience in various companies. Customer contact is part of this profession and has always been an important element for me, as I really enjoy I really enjoy interacting with customers and I can't imagine my working life without it. is indispensable in my working life.

In November 2023, I made a fundamental decision for myself and decided to switch to a completely new industry. This change allows me to develop professionally and take on new challenges. to take on new challenges. At my new employer NW Clean, where I will start in February 2024 I am looking forward to achieving the best with my team. My my motivation and commitment are high, and I am determined to make my contribution to the success of the company. I am optimistic about the future future and am excited to see what opportunities will open up for me in this new chapter in my career will open up.

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You are looking for industry-specific maintenance cleaning. I will be happy to advise you personally.


Nico Weber
Managing Director

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Phone: 043 244 94 94
E-Mail: [email protected]

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